Demi Lovato has just released the video for Stone Cold, the third track from her latest album, Confident. It might just be her most dramatic, emotionally-raw, heartfelt video, to date.

The ballad is full of emotion, from the wide range of dramatic lyrics to her intense vocals; it will certainly give you ‘all the feels’: “God knows I tried to feel / Happy for you / Know that I am / even if I can’t understand / I’ll take the pain.”

In the video, it is just Demi who seems lost in thought, remembering a past relationship that has left her heartbroken; it is a definite that she is in agony reminiscing on the pain; She travels across a snowy mountain and sits in a bathtub.

“I have songs that I have written specifically because there wasn’t anything out there that I could relate to that on level. I knew other people needed that song as well, it’s gonna give them that voice that they need to hear in order to get past things and process how they feel.” She recently told

She continued: “During the shooting I channeled my emotion into it and I just went there. And, when he yelled ‘Cut’ I almost couldn’t stop crying cause I really went to a place of like just letting my self feel.”

Check out video below.