When drinking Guinness, you need atmosphere. That authentic Irish vibe the ‘yankees’ come looking for. There are certain places one can go for this “vibe”, and the best place one can start looking is the pub.

This might seem like an obvious statement, but think about it for a second. The appropriate atmosphere for enjoying a pint of the black stuff simply cannot be found in a nightclub. Nightclubs are for downing shots, or pumping pints of lighter, easier to swallow beverages into yourself, as quickly as you can.

A Guinness is meant to be enjoyed. Savoured and sipped, it’s not what you drink when you’re out for the shift! Guinness is heavy. It sits in your gut, and so, it’s not what you drink when you’re out dancing (if you can call it “dancing”; to me it seems like more of a mating ritual). You sit down and enjoy a Guinness with a couple of mates in a public house somewhere, out by the Spanish Arch, or in Eyre Square.

So here at nitelife.ie, we are proud to present the top spots to grab a Guinness in Galway. Each and every one of them comes equipped with the finest atmosphere on the West side of the Shannon.

5. Róisín Dubh – Lower Dominick Street

There’s always something going on in Róisín’s: live music, DJs, comedy. And it’s got Guinness! Possibly Galway’s most renowned pub, it’s got everything going for it with its impressive list of performers past, present and future. There’s something for you every night in the Róisín Dubh.

4. The King’s Head, 15 High Street

Via King’s Head Facebook

The King’s Head hosts some of the finest bands in the land and the finest food in Galway. Boasting local seafood dishes across three floors, if you like a bit of grub with your Guinness, then it’s the place for you. Located right in the middle of town, you can enjoy your pint and then head off in any direction the wind takes you for the rest of the night.

3. An Púcán, 11 Forster Street

An Púcán comes recommended to us very highly by a man of Aran, so it must be good! The Guinness doth flow in this fine establishment, that is, once again, slightly off the beaten track. It’s not a pub one would usually frequent. But it’s one that we all should.

2. Dunnes Stores, Eyre Square Shopping Centre

Ok, so Dunnes doesn’t have any atmosphere. But, it does have bargain prices. So you can buy your few cans of Guinness and head off to the Spanish Arch and create your own atmosphere. Some would argue that this is the best representation of the Irish vibe. A couple of friends, open air, and a can of Guinness each. It doesn’t get much better than that.

1. The Crane Bar, 2 Sea Road

The Crane Bar is located just far enough off the beaten track so that it feels like a well-kept secret. Never too packed, but never too empty, it’s the perfect place to have a Guinness with a couple of mates. It’s also home to some of the finest traditional Irish musicians the world has ever known. This combination of fine tunes and anonymity creates the aforementioned atmosphere. And a fine atmosphere it is!