Last year was a quite extraordinary one for comedian Paul D’Angelo!

His debut book, Stories I Tell earned rave reviews and won three prestigious literary awards. D’Angelo’s collection of comedic observations was a Gold Medal winner in the 2015 e-Lit Awards, a Finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards and earned Honorable Mention in the 2015 New York Book Festival.

The comic says: “It’s just one funny story after another presented in the style of my act… stories from my childhood, my days in law school, and working as a prosecutor prior to defending criminals; stories about show business, struggling to make it in L.A. and celebrity encounters; plus social sarcasm, original comedy routines that rarely make it into my act, and material that comes across better on the page than on the stage. It’s a fast, fun read.”

The book, born of almost thirty years of comedic experience, merited a four-star rating from Clarion Reviews and the prestigious Kirkus Reviews proclaims it, “a life expressed through laughter and punch lines. D’Angelo shares a bounty of tightly written, light-hearted tales that supplies lots of laughs in its observances of the everyday.”

Under his birth name, Paul Murphy, the author spent almost eleven years as an Assistant District Attorney, supervising several of Massachusetts’ busiest courthouses, before building a reputation as a noted criminal-defense trial attorney. The unexpected twist to this story is that, under the pseudonym of Paul D’Angelo, he was simultaneously becoming one of America’s top stand-up comedians and recently co-starred in Showtime’s popular stand-up comedy movie, The Godfathers of Comedy.

D’Angelo’s highly anticipated sequel, More Stories to Tell, will be released in February and he continues to tour as one of America’s most compelling voices in stand-up comedy.