What’s the name? Dylan Murphy

Where’s he from?

“As a knee-jerk reaction I say I’m from Galway because I’ve lived there on-and-off for the last 7 years but I grew up in Limerick city. People smile when they hear you’re from Galway and I kinda got tired of adding ‘for my sins’ after saying Limerick, which has actually turned out to be a pretty great spot…I live in Cork now though, because I’ve grown to love stout and hate vowels. I’ve also lived in Spain and Canada to improve both my Spanish and apologising.”

Who does he sound like? 

“Someone who should take vocal lessons, who has a cold. My mother’s first response when I played her my first E.P. was, ‘you’re going to hurt yourself if you keep singing like that’. She’ll bury us all…”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“I’ll be 30, so probably standing on the side of a tall building, threatening to jump and clutching a framed, printed copy of this interview.”

Where did it all start for you?

“My dad was a huge Nick Cave fan and my Bowie-obsessed mum got me Slayer’s Reign in Blood for Christmas when I was 12; so I guess I have them to blame. I started playing guitar when I realised you couldn’t bring drums to most parties and started writing songs when I realised I hated going to most parties. The Roisin Dubh Open Mic was a huge outlet for me for practicing my original material…and hyperventilating.”

Who do you cite as your musical idols?

“Old Modest Mouse stuff, Violent Femmes, power trios in most forms (except The Police), pre-heroin John Frusciante, post-heroin John Frusciante, Steven Sharpe, the bottom half of Samuel T Herring, Benjamin Booker, Junior Kimbrough. Fionn Regan is probably my favourite Irish ‘White Guy With Acoustic Guitar’ (WGWAG) and nothing’s been the same since I heard that opening line to Heart Attack and Vine by Tom Waits. NOTHING.

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