With lacklustre weather set to continue well into February, it’s no better time to protect your skin from the harsh Winter elements; keeping you looking great on your way through the new year!

1. Avoid super hot baths

These break down the lipid barriers in your skin. Once this lipid barrier is damaged, natural moisturising can evaporate and, as they are missing, the skin cannot hold as much water as before, entering in an endless cycle.

2. Use oil

Our skin is not water-friendly (water is the basis of most moisturisers on the market), but oil-friendly. No matter how much cream you put on your skin, it won’t absorb it – it can look like shiny and soft at first, but you won’t be hydrating the deep layer of your skin (that is still alive), just the superficial part (dead skin). The oil will. For your face, use an oil that doesn’t clog your pores, like hemp oil.

3. Water

Drink up! We tend to drink water when we are thirsty, or when the weather warms up. This is a mistake. Keep drinking water during the day and all year round. You’ll see the difference – not only in your skin, but in your whole body. Drinking water more often also avoids swelling – when you drink water just rarely, your body tends to retain as much as it can.

4. Sunscreen


Keep using it, even in Winter. This is not just to avoid dryness, but to keep your skin looking young and radiant. Most causes of wrinkles are not related to the aging itself, but to the sun’s action on the skin. Dryness and an aged appearance are directly related. Have you ever noticed that babies have super-hydrated skin?!

5. Moderate the dehumidifier

It dries the air & yourself. The same applies to the heater. Take advantage of the fact that the cold weather is giving us a break lately and give a break to your skin too… And your wallet 😉