Well hello there Storm Desmond!

He reared his ugly head of a late Friday afternoon and despite Met Eireann forewarning us of his inevitable destruction, most of us completely ignored them. Spouting phrases like “Sure, they’re naming every storm now” and “The storms back in my day were much worse”! Oh how wrong we were. Now we’re up shit creek without a paddle and, more or less, trapped indoors for the weekend. I mean, you could go outside and you’d probably be okay but like, why would you bother, except only if absolutely necessary.

After last night’s cosy night in by the fire, we woke up this morning and not much had changed; so now the cosiness has turned into boredom. There is a famous quote that says; “In a Universe of wonder, we invented boredom”…So here are Nitelife’s top 5 things to do when you’re stuck indoors.

1.Go offline! Shut down the laptop and put down the phone (after you read this article, of course). Yes, there are endless YouTube ‘fail’ videos you have to watch and a million Vines out there that could give you an auld giggle, but you can only do this for about an hour before you realise that you’ve been refreshing your Instagram and Twitter feeds continuously and absolutely nothing new has happened.

2. Get ‘Baked’!

A cracker of a rainy day activity. Never baked anything in your life before? Even better! Get the eggs and flour people…momma’s making muffins.

3. Get creative

Everyone’s got some kind of artistic supplies lying around; and stormy weather is the perfect time to let your artistic side shine, especially if there are little ones in the house. Have you seen adult colouring books lining the shelves of bookshops recently? Draw some squiggles on a page and color them in, just as you did when you were a child. Cathartic much?

4. D.I.Why?

Fix something! That picture that you bought a month ago that still needs to be hung on the wall; the bathroom doorknob that’s a little loose. Whatever it is, this is the perfect time to get your D.I.Y on. Not only will you have killed a whole heap of time, you’ll also have achieved something. Win win!

5. Open a bottle

If all else fails, there’s nothing else to do but turn to the drink. Light a fire, put on a Christmas movie and get the bottle opener, we’re in this for the long haul.

Whatever you get up to this weekend folks, make sure you stay safe. Check out met.ie for the latest on Storm Dessie.

Feature image from our friends at rte.ie