Relationships; they all come with heart-warming, sometimes spine-tingling moments where you look at each other and think: “Oh f***, this is getting serious!” You either run and hide, or decide it’s for the long haul. A sometimes tough choice. Aside from the big ones: anniversary days, moving in day, put-a-ring-on-it days, there are those moments that sometimes get lost in the haze of special times:

1. Getting a Second Toothbrush

A seemingly mundane moment. You crash at his/her place a lot and you need to clean those gnashers after kissing, et al! Getting a second toothbrush is probably the biggest moment of a new relationship.

Leaving anything personal at each other’s gafs is a huge step. Although, having said that, I’ve left all sorts of things at people’s houses after a one-nighter.

2. First Time Buyer

No. Not a house. The first time you decide to purchase something together is a big moment. It could be a toaster because you f***d up the last one lighting cigarettes off it; it could be something from IKEA. Do not go to IKEA with your partner, I repeat, do not go to IKEA with your partner! You’ve been warned.

3. The First Holiday Spent Together

Like Queen Madge said: “Holiday…Celebrate” Sure that one loves Santa-Ponsa! The first holiday you take with your hubby will either be disastrous, or amazing. Sun stroke, too many cocktails, and Spanish rides walking around can put an end to your neophte romance. Be careful with this one folks.

6. Hanging with Friends

If you’re in with the mates consider yourself sorted; If you’re a hit with them it’s a testament to how awesome you are. These people may soon become some of your nearest and dearest. #stampofapproval! But, if you do breakup, it’s going to get real awkward, real fast.

5. The First Big Fight

It could be over in thirteen seconds, or it could last thirteen days. Did someone cheat? Did you run over their dog on purpose like a psycho? Whatever the big fight was about, if you get over it, you’ll be a stronger couple after; well on your way down the aisle.

They say if you last three years, you can be sure it’s going to last forever. But as we all know, forever is fiction. Whatever the length of the relationship, be present and enjoy those teeny-tiny joyful milestones.

Aint love grand!