Everyone LOVES a good tune, right? Certain music makes us happy; classical music makes us more intelligent; Adele’s music helps us process breakups, or possibly makes it worse. But why? Here’s the science bit: Humans vibrate at certain frequencies and we are naturally inclined to match our internal frequency to sounds on the outside – the vibration in music activates our internal systems. FACT! So here’s the top four ways music can help us process our internal sh***.

1. Push It, Push It, Push It

You’re in the gym pounding the treadmill, or grunting at your reflection while lifting weights when all of a sudden, a thumping power track comes on through your earphones. You may have noticed Spotify’s new ‘Running’ option; runners get a second (and sometimes third) wind when the perfect tracks flows into their weary head. Adding music to a workout really does have a positive effect on levels of endurance.

2. Productivity

An increasing majority of us spend a huge portion of time stuck working in front of a computer (like us writers), so adding a tune or two can help battle the monotony of 9-5; but does it actually make us more creative and productive? According to studies, music you love is of benefit, but lyrics may be distracting; music that is too loud may inhibit productivity. So, bang on some Beethoven at the desk.

3. Painkiller

Put down that Ibuprofen and stick on iTunes. According to some wonderful science folks we know that chilling with the right background jam can assist our brains in processing physical pain. Queen Mary University of London researchers said patients who had listened to music had been less anxious after their surgery and had needed less pain relief.

   4. Breakups 🙁

Breakups. A fact of life that we must all face at one time or another; and they’re pretty shitty! As we all know, there are many coping mechanisms: crying into a crate of Ben & Jerry’s, ten bottles of wine, or getting on top of the next hot piece of ass that happens to come your way…all in that order! Of course, music plays an integral part of the healing process. Although, it may be a tad bit maudlin.