There’s nothing better than seeing a celebrity royally F*** up an interview. Whether it’s a Fair City ‘star’ or a Hollywood A-Lister, tuning into a cringe-worthy, wtf chat taps into our basic need to take the piss put of people! The again, some interviewees simply turn on the one asking the questions. Here are a collection of the worst celebrity interviews. Like, ever.

1. Courtney Love Crashes Madonna’s Interview

What starts out as just another self-indulgent Madonna interview, quickly transforms into a battle for screen time, courtesy of Kurt Cobain’s former flame. During the 1995 MTV piece, Love, clearly pissed, begins to throw the contents of her handbag at the Ray of Light star who quips: “Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now.” Seven glorious minutes of cringe.

2. Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck Interview 

Oh God, turn it off! Trainwreck actress Amy Schumer sat down to have an auld chinwag with these Australian presenters about the 2015 comedy movie. All was going well until the male interviewer’s skanky, dead mother got brought up. Then came the obligatory, pubic hair conversation.

3. Cara Delevingne’s Talks Paper Towns on Good Day

It’s not a great start when a journalist begins an interview by pronouncing your name wrong. British model/actress Cara Delevingne got a bad case of morning moodiness during this chat with the press. The premier of Paper Towns was the night before so she was probably dying with a hangover!      

4. Zach Galafianakis on Good Morning Texas 

Oh sweet lord this reporter is an idiot! He kicks off the Zach Galafianakis piece with the question: “Compare and contrast this movie with all the other films that have been made.” What the f*** does that even mean? This one is a total car-crash.

5. Jesse Eisenberg Turns Nasty

32-year-old Jesse Eisenberg clearly illustrates how much of an ass he really is during his chat about Now You See Me with the lovely Romena from Say My Name.