About 60,000 students are collecting their Junior Cert results today.

The exams may already be in the distant past, but there are a few things these students will never forget.

Here are 10:

1. Repeatedly telling your parents that it’s called the “Junior Cert,” not the “Inter Cert,” although now that has been changed all together.

2. That one line from a Shakespeare novel you had to study for English that you just can’t forget.

3. How to draw a plant cell.


4. Being delighted that you finished your exams in one week, while your friend has to wait another 10 days for the music exam.

5. Thinking your entire life depended on the results, until you realise they are never brought up again after results day.


6. Spending more time planning your “Junior Night” outfit than you did studying all year.

7. Nearly boiling with frustration when you tell your pals your results in detail, only for them to respond “I’m happy,” when you ask them.

8. Not studying for CSPE, then praying to God you can still scrape an A when you fail to identify the Finance Minister in the notoriously easy exam.


9. The dreaded “BEEEEEEP” from the Irish aural exam (this will also haunt you during the Leaving Cert.)

10. Telling your parents that you’re going for a meal, only to end up in a field sipping on one can of beer between six of your friends.


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